Digital signature software makes it quicker and easier to obtain approval from other parties for documents or contracts. It removes the need to print and sign documents on paper and either fax or scan them and then mail or ship them to be returned. Digital signatures let users sign anywhere, anytime, on any device provided they have a minimum of few bars of signal.

Digital signature software permits businesses to use a public and private key pair to validate and securely exchange information. Anyone can validate digital signatures using the document application that is associated with the sender's key, but the recipient's key is kept secret to ensure the security of the information. The receiver's app decrypts the hash and then compares it with the original file to ensure that the documents have not been altered.

Choose a software that allows both e-signatures as well as payment to be part of the same system. This allows companies to save time because they don't need to go to various websites or apps to collect payment and digital signatures. When all paperwork and transactions are in one place it's easier to reconcile accounts.

Make sure the digital signature software you select comes with an audit trail that you can trace, which should include features like multi-factor authentication, date/time stamps, delivery methods, and geolocation information. It's important that the digital signature is legally binding and has the same legal status as a pen and paper signature.

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